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At Your Best

Your work life and your home life are inextricably linked. Many teachers spend time improving their skills and techniques in the classroom, but just as important can be improving your skills in managing your health, wellness, and happiness outside the classroom.

Here you will find publications and workshops designed specifically to help you create better work/life balance, manage your stress, build confidence, and achieve your dreams. 

The following workshops are facilitated through our Professional Development (PD) Network - a registry of high quality workshops and presenters. The workshops are provided locally upon request.


How to Make the Balance of Life Work for You

In a retreat setting, the questions "Is your life in balance?” and “How can you get it there?” are explored in detail. Topics covered include financial, emotional, and physical balance. The workshop wraps up by exploring how to become an Energizer Bunny. It is possible to balance your life and have energy too!

Balance Your Chi, Wellness Workshop

Chi is a Chinese word meaning aliveness, or life-force energy. Balance your chi in this wellness workshop… explore movement, relaxation, and mindfulness. Experience processes to release stress, increase energy, and create a healthy balance in your life. This workshop will provide participants with resources and practical ideas for integrating wellness activities in their personal and professional lives.

Financial Wellness

This workshop is designed for beginning and mid-career teachers. It reviews the importance of understanding how best to maximize your collective agreement (grid structure and movement, QECO Program 5, benefit packages) and includes information on the Teachers’ Pension Plan.


Managing Stress and Promoting Wellness

A Johns Hopkins University study found teaching ranked fourth among careers most likely to cause burnout among workers. It has also been estimated that 80 per cent of health care costs are related to stress. The implications of increased stress on overall health and life satisfaction cannot be ignored, especially for teachers.

This publication is a summary of information and suggestions to help you deal with frustration, anxiety, burnout, and other mental health-related issues resulting from stress. It is also a call to look holistically at issues of health and wellness. The resource is intended to help you assess your circumstances, become aware of your responses to stressors in your life, and establish a healthy approach to dealing with challenges. 

Quick Tips for Managing Stress

Feeling that life is too hectic, with too many things beyond your control? Are elements of your career causing you to feel stressed? This brochure provides some quick and easy tips and strategies to help you manage your stress, as well as links to resources and information.