Ontario English Catholic Teachers

AQ Modules

What is an AQ Module?

In 2014, OECTA’s AQ program expanded to include a modular format.  AQ courses are offered as a series of either four or five modules of between 20-25 hours duration. Modular learning provides you with greater flexibility and choice. Take a module or two of an AQ course to enhance your professional learning; or work toward a full AQ course, one module at a time, over an extended period of time.

Each module is approximately 20-25 hours in length. A full AQ course has five modules, four for Mathematics. Modules are open for a full six weeks in each AQ session (fall, spring, or summer).  Modules will be offered twice, in each AQ session, when interest warrants.

Most modules cost $120, with Math costing $150.  If you are taking the full AQ course, there is no difference in cost. With modules you can spread the costs and course load out over an extended period of time. 

If you are taking modules while working towards a full AQ, all modules must be completed within two years. At registration, you will identify whether you are taking the course for AQ credit or for professional learning.  The Ontario College of Teachers requires that you identify, at the outset, whether you are taking modules for AQ credit or for professional learning.