Ontario English Catholic Teachers


On November 22 -23, the Association will host our inaugural Women in Leadership Conference, entitled “Fempower.”

Fempower is a conference for women, by women, with the mission to empower women of OECTA with the courage, confidence, and tools to seek out, and excel at, leadership roles within the Association and beyond.

Download the Conference Program

How to Register

Pre-registration for this event is now closed. Members who were pre-registered by their unit president will receive an email with a link containing the full program and registration process.

The conference is open to OECTA women who identify as female.

Conference Goals

Strengthen the resolve and determination to pursue opportunities and initiatives.

Build an understanding of the unique and valuable female contribution, especially as a contrast or complement to the male perspective.

Inspire to create new possibilities, seek new opportunities, and discover everyone’s remarkable potential.

Create dialogue on the social, cultural, economic, and political challenges that women experience, as well as the immense potential for change.

Educate through useful and practical information, tips, and tools that can be applied to situations both inside and outside the Association.

Awaken your self-worth and divine mission within the context of our faith.

Share experiences with other likeminded women, building solidarity and understanding that together anything is possible.

Collaborate on strategies that can be implemented to improve circumstances for future generations of OECTA women.