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Math Mondays

Join us Monday nights at 8:00p.m. for new, innovative and practical ideas for your math class!

These sessions are tailored to meet curricular expectations that support best practices. Facilitated by teacher leaders from across the province, these live, interactive sessions will provide ideas and activities you can use in your classroom to support the implementation of an engaging and balanced math program.

Experiences are limited to 25 people and are filled on a first come basis – there is no pre-registration. Check back within 24 hours of the start of the session for the live link. Review the technical stuff for more details on logging into the sessions.

Experience one, or try them all!

Inquiry in the Applied Classroom

Grade Focus: 9-12
Instructor: Jennifer Torrence

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Inquiry based learning allows students to problem solve in new ways. Developing inquiry skills in our Applied level students can enable them to foster better problem solving abilities. Integrating inquiry into the classroom helps us better answer the familiar question: “Where am I ever going to use this?”-- Inquiry in Math is about more than numbers, it is about improving the ability to think deeply. This webinar will discuss practical strategies to incorporate Inquiry learning into the Applied Math classroom, while maintaining the integrity of basic number sense for these students. Examples and resources will be included in the session.

Lets do some Real Math

Grade Focus: 4-6
Instructor: Peter Cameron

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Let’s begin thinking beyond the textbook and notice that opportunities for making math learning REAL are all around. Participants will learn how they can leverage a wide variety of technologies and everyday items in their own classrooms to make math learning and teaching fun, exciting and relevant while effectively and efficiently covering the junior level Ontario Math curriculum. This workshop will offer many tech (Google, Flipgrid and Twitter) and “no tech” tips, tricks and resources that can be adapted across the elementary grades.

Spiraling in Mathematics

Grade Focus: 4-8
Instructor: Dawn Butson

Interested in learning more about how to plan for a spiraling math program? Join this session for an introductory to the process of creating a spiral learning cycle, starting from the beginning stages of planning with big ideas, to creating engaging three part lessons.

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Building Thinking Classrooms

Grade Focus: 7-12
Instructor: Tom Steinke

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In this interactive, one-hour web experience, Tom will share what teaching and learning in a defronted classroom looks, sounds, and feels like. Vertical Non-Permanent Surfaces (VNPS) and Visibly Random Groups (VRG), research ideas from Dr. Peter Liljedahl, create an incredibly powerful and connected learning community in the K-12 math classroom. Student thinking is visible and actionable, where teachers can react in real time to help keep individuals and groups in a state of flow. Tom will lead participants through a rich activity that model these ideas, as well as share video of a classroom episode that we will critically unpack and analyze.

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From Patterning to Algebraic Thinking

Grade Focus: 4-8
Instructors: Liz Mulholland & Cristina Corbett

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In this session, participants will explore patterning and how to move students through a continuum of patterning to algebraic equations.  This will lead participants in examining the expectations from grades 4 to 8 and how teachers can build student understanding in patterning.  Connections will also be made to Data Management and how patterns and pattern growth can be represented in graphs.  Participants will also explore different ways students can represent patterns and determine pattern rules and pattern growth.

Fraction Development

Grade Focus: 4-6
Instructors: Cristina Corbett and Liz Mullholland

In this session, participants will have the opportunity to explore fraction sense. In early junior, students are asked to read,represent,compare,and order simple fractions while in 5 and 6 proper and improper fractions,and mixed numbers are introduced. Activities to support the development of student understanding of fractions will be investigated.

Bringing Wonder into Math Class Through Inquiry based Learning

Grade Focus: 1-6
Instructor: Jonathon Butler

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Math needs to be tangible and real; students need to see the math and see their world reflected in the math they are doing. Effective math instruction engages students and allows them to see math as meaningful in the context of their lives. Learn to create provocations and guide students through the inquiry based learning process. Have students engage and explore mathematics through rich inquiry based tasks. Take away the fear and bring wonder and curiosity into the math class.

Coding - Unplugged - November 27, 2017

Grade Focus: 1-6
Instructor: Michele Mellow

Coding doesn’t always need a computer. If you are new to programming, why not start with some "unplugged" activities? In this session you will learn the basics of programming. Beginning with terminology and exploring activities that will preapre your students to code with a variety of applications such as Kodable, Scratch and Lego Robotics.

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Developing Number Sense - Session Date TBA

Grade Focus: K-2
Instructor: Laura Cronshaw

This session will explore the importance of counting, quantity and relationships to the development of early number sense. Learn about how to support a range of learners with practical strategies and ideas that you can use in the classroom, including daily number talks and mini-lessons.