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Indigenous Education


Aboriginal Perspectives: A Guide to the Teacher’s Toolkit
This is a collection of electronic resources from the Ministry of Education to help elementary and secondary teachers bring Aboriginal perspectives into their classrooms. It includes ideas for teaching and learning (elementary and secondary).
Assembly of First Nations
News, events, issues, and policy directives from the organization that represents Canada’s status Indian population. Also includes the Assembly of First Nations – The State of Aboriginal Learning in Canada: A Holistic Approach to Measuring Success and Redefining How Success is Measured in First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Learning.
Common Portrayals of Aboriginal People
Aboriginal people are often portrayed in the media (especially in older films) as being primitive, violent, and devious, or passive and submissive. Such depictions are critically dissected in these stories and essays on Aboriginal people and the media.  
Good Minds
Aboriginal-owned and-operated bookseller reviews, and recommends appropriate classroom and educational resources. Includes an online catalogue.
ImagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival
The annual film festival offers dozens of documentary and dramatic films appropriate for classrooms; the website archives previous festivals, with full descriptions of each film.
Indigenous Education Strategy

Ontario’s Indignous Education Strategy has been designed to improve opportunities for First Nation, Métis and Inuit students, to increase the knowledge and awareness of all students about Indigenous histories, cultures and perspectives.

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
Resources and links for classrooms supporting teaching about the history, customs, and traditions of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis. Kids’ Stop is devised for children, and provides information about Aboriginal history, culture, and languages, through games and stories.
Isuma Productions
Complete films (documentary and drama), television episodes, and testimonials from an Inuit perspective.
On the Path of the Elders
Photo gallery, videos and online adventure game highlighting the history and testimony/teachings from elders of the Mushkegowuk Cree and Anishinaabe Ojibwe nations in Northern Ontario.
Ontario Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation
Site provides resources and links, Ministry publications, and “quick facts”. It also provides information, video, and photos on Aboriginal organizations, education, artists, friendship centres, health, housing, and land claims from the government perspective.
Project of Heart
This project is an educational toolkit designed to engage students in a deeper exploration of indigenous traditions in Canada, and the history of Indian residential schools. It provides facts and dates, as well as an understanding of their implications for First Nations people. 
Secret Path – Lesson Plans and Art Work

Inspired by Chanie Wenjack and the works of Gord Downie & Jeff Lemire’s Secret Path album and artwork, respectively, educator Mitch Champagne took the opportunity not only as a fan of Gord’s music, but also as someone who is deeply rooted in social justice and community outreach, to work with his intermediate students in Peterborough to develop art, inspired by Lemire’s work. Simultaneously, Mitch worked with his first-year Teacher Candidates at Trent University’s School of Education, to develop lesson plans inspired by some of the Secret Path album tracks. The lessons in this document are meant to be a base to further inspire learning, to adapt to your own social justice goals, and to begin or continue a conversation about reconciliation.