Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Be a PD workshop presenter

How to become a PD Workshop Presenter

Teachers with experience as OECTA Summer Program presenters, instructors of Additional Qualification courses, Ministry of Education/Board in-service, or other PD workshops may apply to be presenters for OECTA’s PD Network.

Interested OECTA members should submit the following documents to OECTA’s provincial PD department:

Workshop Presenters Must

  • Be active OECTA members
  • Have extensive experience in presenting teacher workshops
  • Have sound knowledge of Ontario curriculum

PD Network Workshops Must

  • Demonstrate principles of adult learning
  • Meet identified teacher needs
  • Demonstrate program creativity
  • Demonstrate a link to the Catholic graduate expectations

Compensation for Presenters

  • Provincial recognition for their expertise and leadership in PD
  • An honorarium
  • Occasional teacher release-time costs, if required
  • Transportation costs, accommodation, and meals based on OECTA guidelines
  • Expenses will be covered for workshop materials provided to participants