Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Requesting a PD Network Workshop

How a unit requests a PD Network Workshop

All requests for workshops listed in the PD Network registry must come through the OECTA unit PD chairperson and unit president.

Individual OECTA members, schools and boards of education may wish to partner with an OECTA unit to deliver a workshop. Workshops can be offered in several ways, such as professional activity days, conferences, or early release days.

Guidelines For OECTA Units

  1. The unit PD chairperson submits a completed application, signed by the unit president to OECTA’s provincial PD department. Applications are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Allow 4-6 weeks for provincial office to process your request prior to the presentation date.
  2. The provincial PD department will finalize the details in cooperation with the unit PD chairperson and the requested presenters. The unit PD chairperson, the unit president, and the workshop presenter will receive confirmation from the provincial PD department that the program will run.
  3. Units are responsible for notifying the provincial PD department of any changes or cancellations at least two weeks prior to the workshop.
  4. Units are responsible for obtaining and coordinating a site for the workshop that may include audio video requests, refreshments, or other workshop requirements.
  5. Units are responsible for all costs for presenters and workshop expenses.
  6. Units are responsible for distributing evaluation forms to workshop participants and returning them to OECTA’s provincial office. Evaluations help to ensure that workshops meet teachers’ needs.