Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Health and Physical Education Curriculum

Health and Physical Education Curriculum

Following the government’s decision to revert to the old Health and Physical Education curriculum, there has been a great deal of misinformation and confusion about how teachers should proceed when the school year begins. This direction is being provided to all OECTA members, to help you carry out your professional responsibilities while protecting you from police, Children’s Aid Society (CAS), and/or Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) investigations and/or charges.

  1. Members will deliver the Family Life curriculum using the Fully Alive program, as directed by your school board administration.
  2. Members are to address questions from students using your professional judgment, as you have in past.
  3. MEMBERS ARE ADVISED NOT TO MEET PRIVATELY WITH STUDENTS TO ANSWER QUESTIONS RELATED TO SEXUAL EDUCATION. Despite the recent statements by Deputy Premier Christine Elliott, having these types of private discussions with students could result in investigation by the police, CAS, and/or OCT. This may result in criminal charges and/or loss of your teaching certificate.

The Association will defend any teacher who is disciplined for refusing to meet privately with a student to answer questions related to the sexual education curriculum. The Association has informed the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario, the Ontario Catholic Schools Trustees’ Association, the Ontario Catholic Supervisory Officers’ Association, the Catholic Principals’ Council of Ontario, and the Institute for Catholic Education of this direction.