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New Report from Labour Law Experts on OECTA Grievance Settlement

New Report from Labour Law Experts on OECTA Grievance Settlement

New analysis from Lancaster House, a leading publisher on labour, employment, and human rights law, offers important perspective on the recent grievance settlement between the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association (OECTA) and the Government of Ontario.

The report details the chronology of events leading up to the settlement, including the extension by school boards of the statutory salary grid freeze at the beginning of the 2014-15 school year, the favourable grievance arbitration decision handed down in Waterloo, and the subsequent negotiations between OECTA and the government on a province-wide grievance settlement payment.

The report quotes extensively from the decision by Arbitrator Brian Keller, regarding the grievance filed by OECTA against the Waterloo Catholic District School Board. Arbitrator Keller makes clear that OECTA had a strong and legitimate case against the government and school boards for violating the collective agreement, and that the preponderance of the evidence was solidly in the Association’s favour.

Some parties have attempted to portray OECTA’s grievance settlement as an underhanded deal, and claimed that it has somehow impeded their ability to negotiate with the government. The Lancaster House report offers yet more evidence that with this settlement, the Association has merely represented the best interests of our members, using the appropriate legal avenues. It is our sincere hope that, moving forward, other parties can use the arbitrator’s decision and our negotiated settlement as the basis for their own agreements.

Lancaster House subscribers can read the full report here.