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Responding to the Government’s Cuts to Education

Responding to the Government’s Cuts to Education

The Association has made many attempts to engage the Ford government in genuine dialogue about how our schools work and what our students need to succeed, but their regressive education agenda is being driven entirely by their desire to cut spending on public services. Below is some information to help you join the effort to stand up for Ontario’s world-class publicly funded education system.

Review the education cuts that have been made so far

  • Click here to read about the Ford government’s regressive education agenda

While we cannot get into specific issues or details of the discussions that are currently happening at the collective bargaining table, it is no secret that Catholic teachers object to a number of the Ford government’s cuts, including: increases to class sizes; mandatory e-learning; and the elimination of the Local Priorities Fund, which provided services and supports for our most vulnerable students, including those with special education needs.

OECTA has filed a complaint with the Ontario Labour Relations Board regarding the government’s unilateral move to increase class sizes, arguing that it violates the “statutory freeze period” and the government’s duty to bargain in good faith. The Association has also joined with other teacher and education worker unions to launch co-ordinated Charter challenges to protect our right to bargain collectively on key issues, such as compensation.

Learn how you can stay informed and get involved!

  • The Association has been reaching out to members and the public to help inform them of the government’s announcements and the likely impact on students. We have been sharing news and information through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as updates to our members.
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  • Our Know More campaign urges the government to listen to teachers, parents, students, and experts about the need for investments in our schools.
    • The campaign includes billboards, digital ads, and radio ads across the province.
    • Visit to find more information or email your MPP.
    • You can check out our videos here: Teacher Parent
    • You can listen to the radio ads here: Teacher / Parent
    • Share your perspectives on social media using #KnowMore
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The Association has taken every opportunity to share our knowledge and perspectives with the government. Submissions on education policy, education funding, the provincial budget, and more can be found here.