Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Teach in Australia

Teach in Australia

Trade Places and Teach in Australia

OECTA members are invited to trade places for a year with a teacher in an Australian Catholic school as part of an exchange program organized by The Canadian Education Exchange Foundation (CEEF), a non-profit charitable organization that provides national and international exchange programs and services for students and educators.

The OECTA member will exchange his or her teaching position with a Catholic teacher in Australia for one year. Members will also trade residences or provide appropriate living accommodation for the incoming exchange partner. The OECTA member continues to be employed and paid by the home school board, and all benefits and seniority are retained.

Each Australian state has its own educational system; educators choose the state in which they wish to exchange. As well, there is a large private school system with whom we also work.

Interested in Registering?

To register, contact Mariana Rakiteansky, Teacher Exchange Coordinator, via email at or phone at 705-739-7596.

You can also review the list of available subject positions, and locations available for exchange, and to learn more about what this opportunity has to offer read the story of Pam Van Kooten's experience.