Ontario English Catholic Teachers Relaunch Relaunch has ready-to-use lesson plans, resources and professional development tools. It’s designed to help Ontario educators and school board staff build their awareness of accessibility issues, and to equip them with the information and materials they need to educate and inspire students.

The site is a joint project by Ontario school boards. It’s funded by the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario. The content was created by Ontario educators and is available in English and French. During the 2017-18 school year, the site was upgraded and relaunched.

How You Can Get Involved

  • Make a copy/download the National AccessAbility Week article, customize it and share it on your staff website/intranet or in your staff e-newsletter during National AccessAbility Week (May 27 to June 2, 2018).
  • Download and save the ready-to-use camera ready articles to share during next school year on your staff website/intranet or in a staff e-newsletter. Sharing these articles will help keep accessibility awareness top of mind, which is key if we are going to continue to progress as a society.
  • Download the ready-to-use social media content and add it to your editorial/social media calendar to use now and during next school year. We’ve provided template messages that you can adapt. We’ve also included Pinterest images and instructions on how to add them to your Pinterest account if your board has one. If you don’t wish to use these messages with your board’s social media accounts, perhaps your program/curriculum or equity teams could use them. The audience for the messages is staff, so consider which channels are most appropriate.
  • Help us find success stories by submitting a success story directly using this form. Or, send the form link and a request to staff who you know have a story to share. By sharing our successes and learning, we can inspire each other. The success stories will help us create new content for next school year.
  • Help us find influencers. We are looking for educators and other staff who are passionate about inclusion and accessibility, and who use social media professionally. The influencers will receive ready-to-use social media content. If you know of an influencer we should contact, please complete this form. You can also reach out to the person to provide the form link and encourage them to contact us directly.