Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Third Vice-President - Andrew Donihee


"Teaching was something I was always interested in, so I pursued it,” says Andrew Donihee. “It was a perfect fit.”

It was the perfect fit for Donihee’s mother too, a retired teacher who taught for 32 years.

Donihee believes his mission as a teacher is to help his students find their strengths, and to guide them toward successfully accomplishing their goals.

The Cornwall native’s favourite subject to teach is religion.

“I like the idea of having an impact on students’ lives in a positive way and helping them shape what they may become,” says Donihee.

When it comes to social justice, he says the subject “is easy to marry with religion when you look at teachings of the Church – treating people as human beings and treating the earth with respect.”

Donihee is a graduate of Lakehead University and completed teachers’ college at the University of Canberra in Australia.

When it comes to his education philosophy, he says, “We have to look at where kids need to build, less focus on standardized tests and more focus on math and language to build skills in other areas."

“Looking at what we do, it’s important for people to see all the small things. As a teacher I’m always thinking about making the next lesson better.”

In his spare time, the father of two plays hockey and enjoys reading.