Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Treasurer - Michel Derikx


“My parents always valued education and always valued good teachers, so I thought I could make a contribution that way,” says Michel Derikx.

Derikx got into the profession as he liked working with children and was inspired by some good teachers when he was younger.

The former Second Vice-President of Hamilton Wentworth Unit has spent time teaching in the intermediate division and now teaches primary students. His favourite subject to teach is math, though it was his least favourite subject as a student. “It took a while a while to catch onto it, but it became really fascinating,” he says. “It just makes so much sense, it’s very logical.”

A York University graduate (majoring in political science and history), Derikx obtained his basic teaching qualifications at Université Laval and has good French language skills. (His Belgian-born mother and Dutch father always encouraged him to continue with the language and his children attend school in the French Catholic board). He also has an M.Ed from OISE.

In his first year of teaching, Derikx got involved in OECTA. A staff rep invited him out to a meeting, and the following year he joined the Collective Bargaining Work Group. The political side of things was “very interesting” for him, specifically the relationship between the union and the government; the more involved he got, the more Derikx saw its value and importance and it “grew from there.”

Derikx first joined the Provincial Executive as a Councillor, and now serves as Treasurer.

The married father of three – he met his wife during the political protests against Mike Harris – is originally from Essex County and now lives in Hamilton. He’s an avid motorcyclist and enjoys travelling.