Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Conferences and Seminars


In the Fall of 2018 the Association hosted its inaugural women’s leadership conference entitled Fempower. Review the conference program and watch the promo video.

Technology Conference

Are you a “tech rookie” who wants to learn about how to integrate technology into your classroom the right way? Then join us for our second annual Technology Conference entitled “Get Your Head Out of Your Apps 2: The Importance of Improvement and the Fallacy of Innovation.”

This conference is open to all Catholic teacher of all grades.

Educating for the Common Good Conference

The Association is committed to advocacy on social justice issues. Every other year, we host the Educating for the Common Good curriculum conference. This year the conference will be held August 25-26, 2022. Please check back soon for details on how to register.

For any question about the upcoming event, please email us at

Beginning Teachers Conference

We believe it is important to support members who are beginning their professional lives, as well as their involvement in the union.

Every other year, we provide a professional development opportunity to approximately 200 members who are in the first five years of their teaching careers. The Beginning Teachers Conference offers two days of discussion, networking, and valuable information that participants can use in their classrooms and beyond. Participants choose from more than 30 workshops, on topics ranging from "physical literacy" and "the connected classroom," to "learning to say no" and "understanding your collective agreement." 

Each conference is organized around a different theme. Previous themes have addressed issues such as bullying, mental health, and work-life balance. 

The conference runs in October and is organized by the Beginning Teachers Committee. The Association covers costs of registration, travel, and accommodation. The next conference will run in October 2018.

Speak to your local unit president if you are interested in participating.

Political Action Seminar

We actively engage in activities to help illuminate the impact of government policies on the classroom, and help Catholic teachers articulate and deliver their messages. 

Our political action seminars feature keynote speakers and workshops geared toward the "how," "when," and "why’s" of political activity. Seminars are organized with input from OECTA’s Political Advisory Committee. Although seminars are generally held during election yeasrs, the information is relevant to the every day advocacy that teachers undertake on behalf of their students and their profession.

As a result of member engagement in previous political action seminars, the book My OECTA was developed. My OECTA is a complilation of information and advice presented to participants at the seminars and made available to all members.

Information on the next political action seminar will be posted when available. Check back here or with your local unit president.