Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Government Relations

The primary responsibility of this department is to advocate for the maintenance and strengthening of Ontario’s publicly funded Catholic education system.

Staff in the department liase with Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs), other unions, the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL), the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), teacher affiliates, Catholic and external education stakeholders such as the Ontario Association of Parents in Catholic Education (OAPCE), as well as a variety of social justice organizations, including the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA), the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care (OCBCC), and Campaign 2000.

The department stays apprised of all new political developments and ensures that the Provincial Executive, other staff, and units promptly receive relevant materials and information.

The department oversees external and internal polling, and conducts research to support Association documents and briefs. Staff produce various newsletters for members and MPPs, including lobby kits to help unit officers prepare for meetings with elected officials.

The department is also responsible for political action, election campaigns, and advertising messages, including OECTA’s acclaimed Speak for Children and Teachers Matter campaigns.

The department provides support to the provincial Political Action Committee.