Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Leadership Training Program

A fundamental requirement of any organization is the development of its future leadership. OECTA's Leadership Training Program reflects our commitment to succession planning and to providing an opportunity for teacher-advocates and activists to gain skills and experience. Participants receive professional career development that prepares them to provide service to members and leadership at both the local and provincial levels.

The program includes a year of foundational training followed by specialized training in areas of membership service. Training takes place over four days in one year.

Inquiries about the Leadership Training Program can be directed to the OECTA Provincial Office at 416-925-2493 or 1-800-268-7230, or email

Foundational Training

During their first year, participants will develop a broad foundation in communication, professional relations, leadership, legislative framework, collective bargaining, contract administration, and Association governance. A Certificate of Foundational Training is awarded following completion of six required three-hour modules and two optional three-hour modules.

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Specialized Training Program

The prerequisite for application to a specialized training program is either completion of the Certificate of Foundational Training, or service to the membership in the role of a release officer for a period of at least one year. Participants in the Specialized Training Program select one of the following areas to specialize in: advocacy and member engagement; collective bargaining; conflict management; or grievance officer. Participants will receive a Certificate of Specialized Training upon completion of four days of training in their selected area of specialization.

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