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Educational Computing Organization of Ontario (ECOO) 
The ECOO is a non-profit organization that facilitates the integration of new computing technology into the educational curriculum. It provides information about Computer Ed camps, a Youtube channel, and other professional learning opportunities for teachers.
E-Learning Ontario
E-Learning Ontario provides Kindergarten to Grade 12 students with blended learning in a safe and customized environment. Resources include differentiation online discussion, dropboxes to track assessment, tech skills for kids, and blended learning for literacy and numeracy.
People for Education
Provides resource links to digital resources. It includes a report to the Ontario government on digital learning, Digital Learning in Ontario: The ‘New Normal’.
Education Week
Technology in Education: An Overview presents the state of technology in the classroom (mostly in the U.S.) and useful links to videos on technology issues.
Technology Enabled Learning Ontario

From EduGAINS, this website offers ministry resources to help teachers introduce technology in the classroom, including a new guide on coding for elementary teachers.

Tech with Kids

Site includes plethora of tech teaching tools, plus overview of trhe best apps for kids for various subject/learning areas.


AMDSB Technology Learning Community

This is a blogging community providing experiences to read, write, and document learning in digital spaces, while observing digital citizenship responsibilities and rights. Every other week they pose a topic or question, and other bloggers discuss it/write about it, and then link the posts together. Posts written about Innovator’s Mindset are linked on the OSSEMOOC site (Ontario School and System Leaders MOOC). Example posts are Innovator’s Mindset Blog Hop! 27 Reflection Strategies to Improve Your Teaching; What Does Innovation Mean to You?; Teacher Feature: SHDHS Grade 7/8; How to Download a YouTube Video to your iPad.

Brightspace Blog
Blog provides information on innovations in teaching, technology, and using learning management systems for pedagogical techniques.
Edublogs is the largest education blogging platform on the web. It provides safe blogging opportunities for students and teachers.
Teaching is Elementary

This blog emphasizes the use of technology for teaching in the classroom, as well as to provide ideas to keep kids engaged.