Ontario English Catholic Teachers

RISE: Professional Development and Training Program for Catholic Teachers


Welcome to RISE

The Association’s New Professional Development and Training Program for Catholic Teachers

Reach, Inspire, Support, and Engage

This new program was born of a desire to reach more Catholic teachers, at more varied points in their careers, with more relevant opportunities that speak to where they are along their journeys, as well as what interests them.

The program also seeks to inspire more Catholic teachers to learn and engage, as well as support those members already undertaking activities on behalf of the Association – such as Association representatives, unit treasurers, committee members, and so many more – teachers who volunteer their precious time and who deserve more direction, guidance, and support to fulfil these roles to the best of their abilities.

Lastly, the program endeavours to empower more members to action – whether that be within their classrooms, their communities, or the Association.

RISE features three programming tracks.

Member Engagement Series

This programming series features professional development and training for classroom teachers, delivered through three conferences.

Educating for the Common Good Conference (Fall)

This conference is open to all permanent and occasional Catholic teachers who wish to engage on social justice issues.

This is a two-day event with a focus on social justice issues of importance to educators and the Association. Participants will be provided with the tools to talk to their students and actively engage within their communities on the selected issues.

Next Conference

Teachers as Leaders Conference

This conference is open to all permanent and occasional Catholic teachers.

This two-day event seeks to empower classroom teachers, at any point in their career, and provide them with the tools to engage with issues of importance to them, as teachers and union members.

Beginning Teachers Conference

This conference is open to permanent and occasional Catholic teachers in their first five years of teaching.

This two-day event features content relevant to members in the early stage of their career, and offers opportunities for engagement and networking with other new teachers.

Visit the Beginning Teachers Conference page for information about the theme of the conference.

Training for Active Members

This programming series offers training opportunities for members who have taken on volunteer roles within, and on behalf of, the Association (e.g., Association representative, joint health and safety committee representative, committee chairperson, local bargaining team member, AQ instructor, local unit executive member, etc.).

This training is designed to provide active members with the knowledge and tools they need to support the work they are undertaking on behalf of the Association. Training will be delivered throughout the school year, including through annual events, across the province’s five regions.

Speak with your local unit president about what opportunities are planned and may be available to you.

Training for Release Officers

This programming series provides training and skills development for members who are serving as a local unit release officer. This training will also be made available to any non-release officer/members that local units have identified, and requested training for, to fulfil current or future roles within their unit.

Training will be delivered in two streams:

  • new release officers
  • experienced release officers

Ongoing training opportunities for release officers will be delivered at various times throughout the year.

Information about these training opportunities will be communicated to unit presidents.

The training sessions will be varied in topic and complexity, allowing release officers to select the sessions that will fill any skills gaps, or meet any existing needs.