Ontario English Catholic Teachers


What is a WebExperience?

It is a workshop conducted online using the internet through a web-based platform.

When will the WebExperiences take place?

WebExperiences will be scheduled weeknights between 4:30pm - 5:30pm or 7:00pm - 8:00pm depending on the session, commencing January 29, 2018. A list of available sessions will be posted at in the For Your Career section and updated as new sessions become available.

Who will lead the WebExperience?

Each WebExperience will be led by an Association member recognized as a leader in their field. The session will be moderated. The moderator will be able to provide technical support to participants that have successfully joined the WebExperience session.

Where can I find information about the WebExperience sessions?

A number of different sessions will be scheduled across different content areas and divisions. Specific information will be available here. Check back regularly to see updates and new offerings.

How do I participate?

Participants can link directly to the WebExperience through the provincial website 15 minutes prior to the start of the scheduled session. A maximum of 25 participants are able to participate in each session. The following message will appear if the session is at capacity:

Maximum Meeting Capacity Exceeded
You cannot join the meeting now because the number of concurrent users has reached the system's limit. Contact your administrator for further support.
What are the computer requirements?

To participate fully in the WebExperience session it is recommended that you use a desktop or laptop. When using a desktop or laptop you can test the WebEx meeting on your device by clicking here. It is recommended that you do this in advance of the scheduled session.

If you are using a mobile device or tablet you will need to download the free WebEx app from the app store. High speed internet access is required. Should you choose to use a mobile devise your participation will be limited, in that you will not be able to participate using the chat feature.

What audio/video accessories do I require?

Headphones or working speakers are necessary to optimize your experience.

How can I prepare for the session?

Ensure that you have a quiet space with a high speed internet connection. Ensure that all accessories (headphones, speakers, and webcamera) are working on your computer. Test the WebEx platform in advance of your session to ensure that it is working correctly and download the app should you be connecting from a mobile device or tablet.

Do I need to Register?

Participants are not required to register in advance however space is limited to a maximum of 25 participants per session. You are encouraged to connect 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the session.

What if a webinar is full or I am not available to participate?

Should you be unable to attend a scheduled session it will be made available to Association members at following the scheduled webcast.