Ontario English Catholic Teachers


Stand Together on the Day of Mourning

Each year on April 28 we stand together to remember those who are killed, hurt or made ill by hazardous conditions in the workplace.

2016 Association Highlights

The 2016 Association Highlights provide a handy overview of some of OECTA's events, publications, and milestones

Catholic Teachers Ratify Extension Agreement
With 87 per cent voting in favour, members of the Ontario English Catholic
Teachers’ Association (OECTA) have ratified the agreement reached between OECTA, the
Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association, and the Government of Ontario to extend our
2014-17 collective agreement.
Tentative Agreement Reached in Thunder Bay
The Thunder Bay Elementary Unit has reached a tentative agreement with the Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board on local terms for the 2014-17 collective agreement.
Bill 37 - Protecting Students Act

In order to ensure that Bill 37 improves the efficiency and effectiveness of self-regulation, it must successfully maintain the balance between public interest and personal rights.

Math Resource for Parents
Research consistently shows that children who live in homes where parents nurture a positive attitude and support their child’s efforts are most likely to be confident and competent learners.
Teach in Australia
Interested in trading places with a teacher in Australia?