Ontario English Catholic Teachers


What is Office Hours?
Office Hours is an opportunity for teachers to connect online with an experienced teacher leader about a particular topic. It is an opportunity to ask questions about practice, pedagogy, and policy, get advice, share teaching tips and network with other teachers. Office hours provides a safe space for teachers to ask questions about topics that matter most to them.
Where will Office Hours be held?
Office Hours will be delivered using WebEx, an online software that supports web-based video conferencing and learning modules.
What technology do I need in order to connect?
To participate it is recommended that you use a desktop or laptop. It is recommended that you test the WebEx session on your device in advance. If you are using a mobile device or tablet you will need to download the free WebEx app from the app store. High-speed internet access is required. Your device should also be equipped with a camera and microphone. If you do not have a computer or mobile device, you will be able to connect via telephone using the toll free number provided.
What is the cost to participate in Office Hours?
When you are ready, click here to register
What sort of information can I expect from Office Hours?
Office Hours is intended to deliver learning that is tailored to participant needs. Teachers will bring their questions to the session and those questions or points of interest will drive both the dialogue and learning. All questions are welcome.
How long will the sessions last?
The session will be scheduled for a maximum of 2 hours. Participants are encouraged to log on at the start of the session and may choose to disconnect once their question(s) have been addressed. Participants are welcome to remain on-line until the conclusion of all questions at which time the session will end.
Who can participate in Office Hours?
All OECTA members are invited to participate, both occasional, beginning and experienced teachers.