Ontario English Catholic Teachers


Can I request a preferred country if I am selected?
No. CTF matches educators where they will do the most good, based on various factors such as the needs identified by the partner organization in the country of assignment, the participant’s background and areas of expertise.
Can my spouse/partner accompany me to my country of assignment if I am selected?

No, family members are not allowed to accompany a Project Overseas participant. You may consider meeting your partner after the conclusion of Project Overseas in that country if you wish to travel further.

My valid passport expires in May 2018, but I cannot renew it right now as I will need it to travel in a few weeks’ time.
If you are selected for Project Overseas, bring any travel plans during the months of March – July to the attention of CTF as soon as possible. CTF and the travel consultant will work with participants regarding passport renewal, obtaining visas and other travel arrangements.
Do I need a doctor’s note for my application to be complete?
No, you are no longer required to include a doctor’s note for the CTF application; however, medical disclosure is required on the application and is for information that may assist CTF in working with you for safety and health purposes.
Can I apply again if I am accepted into Project Overseas?
CTF often assigns returning Project Overseas participants and draws Team Leaders from the pool of experienced participants.
How many years in a row can I participate?
This is determined by your provincial organization.
Is there training before I go overseas?
Yes, From February to June you will work with a Team Leader and the rest of your team, with periodic input from CTF. Also, CTF provides workshops as part of an Orientation for Project Overseas participants in Ottawa the first week in July, before your assignment starts. Following your assignment, CTF will contact you with a “Welcome Home” package.
If I am selected and approved by my provincial organization, when will I get a confirmation from CTF that I have been selected for an assignment?
Applicants that CTF has selected for assignment will be informed of their country of
assignment in mid-January. You will be contacted by your Team Leader in early February
and will begin working with your team in preparation for the assignment.
What happens if I have to drop out at any point in the process?
Emergencies happen. If there is a situation that arises that could cause you to drop out,
please let CTF or your team leader know immediately. In some cases they can work with
you and make minor adjustments to accommodate a situation. If you have to drop out,
please contact your provincial organization and CTF as soon as possible.
Do I need to have my vaccinations up-to-date before I can travel abroad?
Yes. CTF will let you know what to do to take care of this well in advance of your travel
Can I apply if I do not have international travel or work experience?
Yes, members can apply without international experience.