Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Apply to be a PDN Presenter

OECTA’s PDN presenters are OECTA members interested in sharing their expertise and experience (through workshop presentations) with their teacher colleagues from across the province. If you have an area of expertise or interest and you are willing to share your knowledge, consider applying to OECTA’s PDN.

How do I apply?

OECTA members can apply online here, until October 10, 2023

How will I know if I am a successful applicant?

Successful applicants will be notified by email.

What is expected from a PDN presenter?

PDN presenters will attend a mandatory virtual information and training session to review OECTA policies and procedures as they relate to the delivery of workshops and presentations for OECTA.

Are PDN presenters paid?

PDN presenters are provided a small honorarium for their workshop. Should a workshop occur during the workday and release is required, OECTA will cover costs associated with teacher release time as well as travel and accommodation expenses as applicable and in alignment with the Association handbook.

How does the PDN work? How many presentations will I be expected to deliver?

OECTA PDN presenters are invited to apply to various professional learning requests throughout the school year. Presenters can choose which opportunities they are interested and available for. There is no guarantee of work, as workshop opportunities are dependent on interest from local units, upcoming conferences, and education partner interest. The PDN presenter roster is reviewed annually. Active members will remain on the list and inactive members will have the opportunity to remain on an inactive list and/or apply to future PDN call outs.

Should you have any questions please email: