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Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting in Elementary Religious Education - A Research Report
This report provides a reference for curriculum consultants, coordinators, and/or future writers to use when addressing assessment, evaluation and reporting of the current Religious Education programs in Catholic schools in Ontario. The resource reviews a range of data sources, poses leading questions, essential learnings, and recommendations based on the research. The resource also examines assessment, evaluation, and reporting found in each unit, Kindergarten to Grade 8 Born of the Spirit and We Are Strong Together series, curriculum planning and assessment language from the Ministry.
Called to Change the World (CCC)
Whatever you do - you do unto me is a rich Catholic resource, developed in partnership by the Catholic Curriculum Corporation and Free The Children. It provides teachers with practical lessons for Grades 7, 10, and 11/12. The lessons, grounded in Catholic Social Teachings, make the link from the Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations and the Expectations of the Religious Education and Family Life Education documents to the work of Free The Children. The lessons provide engaging activities for learning, leading, serving, and changing the world.
Catholic Curriculum Frameworks (EOCCC)
Developed by the Eastern Ontario Catholic Curriculum Cooperative, this mapping resource shows how Catholic teaching can be integrated into all elementary subject areas.
Catholic Curriculum Corporation (CCC)
The Catholic Curriculum Corporation mission is to build and sustain the Catholic capacity of educators through the development and provision of high quality Catholic curriculum, resources support and professional development. The website contains teacher developed faith based resources across multiple subject, content areas and grades from Kindergarten to grade 12.g and sustaining the Catholic capacity of Catholic curriculum, resources, support and professional development.
Catholic Companion to Equity and Social Justice (2013) – HSE 4M
This course enables students to develop an understanding of the theoretical, social, and historical underpinnings of various equity and social justice issues, and to analyse strategies for bringing about positive social change. Students learn about historical and contemporary equity and social justice issues in Canada, and globally. They explore power relations and the impact of a variety of factors on equity and social justice. Students design and implement a social action initiative relating to an equity or social justice issue.
Eastern Ontario Catholic Curriculum Corporation (EOCCC)
The EOCCC provides eastern Ontario Catholic Schools with well-developed Catholic curriculum documents and support materials that meet Ministry of Education requirements, while reflecting the beliefs and values of the Catholic faith community.
Financial Literacy and Religious Education (CCC)
This Catholic resource, Financial Literacy and Religious Education, provides lessons which will help secondary teachers address the core content and competencies required for financial literacy through the lens of the religious education programs.
Leprosy in the World Today: Answering the Call to Care (CCC)
This resource was developed by the CCC in partnership with The Leprosy Mission Canada. Answering the Call to Care provides teachers with practical lessons for elementary and secondary students. The lessons make the link from the Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations and the expectations of the Religious Education and Family Life and cross-curricular connections, to the work of The Leprosy Mission Canada. The lessons provide faith-filled activities for learning about Leprosy in the world today and answering the call to assist those who are affected by the disease.
Living Our Catholic Faith in School (OECTA)
This PD Steering Committee project is intended to invite discussion of how our Catholic faith is lived out in our schools and to provide curriculum links to support this discussion. The intention is to support and celebrate the transformative power of Catholic education that is active and alive in our classrooms and schools.
Rich Performance Tasks for Secondary Religion Courses (CCC)

Grade 9 | Grade 10 | Grade 11 | Grade 12
The focus of this resource addresses both assessment and engagement by assisting students in Grades 9-12 Religion classes to make a bridge between the concepts they are learning in class and what they are learning in their own lives . The tasks are designed to not only engage the students, but also build community and respect in the classroom in light of the Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations and the Ontario Catholic Secondary Curriculum Policy Document for Religious Education.

Robust Thinking Tasks and the Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations (CCC)
The Robust Thinking Tasks and the Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations provide elementary teachers with current information around the Ministry of Education`s challenge to create rich Robust Thinking Tasks for students. This resource uses the Ontario Graduate Expectations as the `big ideas` upon which teachers can invite students to explore their opinions, values, thoughts and experiences. The OCGE`s provide the Catholic lens through which students will come to a deeper understanding of the texts and their meaning.
Save the Children Canada
Save the Children is an organization dedicated to raising funds and operating programs domestically and internationally that focus on the issues of health and nutrition, education, HIV and AIDS, child protection, livelihoods and food security, emergency relief, and child rights governance. Save the Children is the world's leading independent organization for children. They are committed to ensuring children realize the rights to which they are entitled under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Secondary Critical Thinking Tasks and The Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations (CCC)
Secondary Critical Thinking Tasks and the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations document provides lessons for secondary school teachers. The resource invites students to think critically about what they see and hear within the context of the OCSGEs and our Catholic social teachings. With this lens, students will view and reflect upon various mentor artifacts. Based on the focus of the expectation, the mentor artifact and learning goal, secondary students are asked to respond to the critical thinking tasks in light of gospel values.