Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Bargaining and Contract Services

To fulfill the bargaining agent responsibilities of the Association, Bargaining and Contract Services department staff provide research, policy development, and field support to all bargaining units.

Through the Collective Bargaining Committee, educational and policy development sessions are provided to support local unit leaders and set policy direction. The department also conducts workshops regarding collective negotiations and bargaining priorities. All members of the department serve on the provincial bargaining team in an advisory capacity.

The department, in conjunction with the Health and Safety Committee, researches issues of concern and publicizes them to units/members across the province. When specific health and safety issues arise, a staff officer provides representation and guidance in dealing with school boards, the Ministry of Labour, and health and safety grievances. Members of the department also deal with all aspects of Employment Insurance and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.

In the area of grievance processing, the department provides assistance to local units/occasional locals, from defining a grievance through to arbitration. Help is given in writing grievances, preparing for meetings at the local level, and in the process of dispute resolution. The department also conducts grievance training. At the arbitration stage, the staff officers work with legal counsel to prepare the case.

The department produces the Association Representative Handbook, which can be found in the Members’ Area along with local collective agreements and collective bargaining procedures.

Staff in the Bargaining and Contract Services department have the responsibility of liaising with the following committees: