Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Course Fees and Cancellation

Course Fee Information

  • Religious Education Part 1 - $599
  • All other AQ courses - $649
*Prices increases by $50 two weeks before courses start.*

Fee Payment

Tuition fee payments are by credit card. Payment must be received before the specified deadline listed for each course. Credit card payments are made online during registration and are processed, immediately.

If a course is cancelled the fees will be remitted back to the same credit card. Some courses have a required textbook. This is listed in the course details. You are encouraged to obtain the textbook immediately after your course is confirmed to run.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Refunds will be based on when the withdrawal notice is received:

  • Withdrawal during Early Bird registration period - Fee refund less $50 cancellation fee
  • Withdrawal after the Early Bird registration period - Fee refund less $100 cancellation fee
  • Participants will receive a full refund if a course is cancelled.

Outstanding Fees or Documents

Any participant with outstanding fees and/or documents may not be permitted to register in future sessions, and will not be recommended for the appropriate accreditation to the Ontario College of Teachers until the account is cleared and/or documents have been received.