Ontario English Catholic Teachers


Application Criteria

In order to be a candidate for the Fellowship for Labour Studies you must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be a fully qualified and certificated teacher
  • Be a statutory or voluntary member in good standing in the Association
  • Present a résumé of the proposed studies which must be centred in labour studies for the Mary C. Babcock Fellowship or centered in the field of catechetics (theology, religious studies, etc.) for the Margarety Lynch Fellowship
  • Agree that all these articles, courses, papers, etc. be made available, on demand, to the Association for the use of its members
  • Agree to serve as resource person on request with due allowance for travel expenses for a period of one year for seminars, workshops, etc. conducted by the Association
  • Agree to attend an interview at the Association's expense, if so requested by the Awards Committee
  • Submit your the application by April 1.

If there are not enough qualified applicants for full-time studies, the money may be apportioned for part-time studies.  Priority consideration will be given to those applicants whose leaves have been approved by their employing boards, and the nature of the study shall be a direct benefit to the Association and its members.


If you have any questions about your application, or the application process, please email

Available Fellowships

Religious Studies Fellowships
Margaret Lynch (1899-1985) Memorial Fellowship

Margaret Lynch was the first president of OECTA, and worker tirelessly for the birth and growth of the Association, stressing its Catholicity. She spent most of her teaching career in Windsor, becoming the first lay woman to hold the position of principal there.

Cecilia Rowan (1889-1976) Memorial Fellowship

The first secretary (now general secretary) of the Association, Cecilia Rowan did most of her work at home after school; the job at first was unpaid. She taught for 45 years before her retirement. With Margaret Lynch, she was a cornerstone of the Association's early years.

Labour Studies Fellowship
Mary C. Babcock (1907- 2002) Fellowship

The third person to serve as OECTA's general secretary, Mary Babcock lobbied tirelessly to keep Ontario's Bishops, the trustees, the Association, and then-education minister William Davis co-operating to improve in-service programs and also improve training in the teachers' colleges for Catholic teachers. She was an OTF Fellow and an OECTA Life Member.