Ontario English Catholic Teachers


Application Criteria

  • Applicants need to hold a university degree acceptable to the Ontario Ministry of Education for either a Certificate of Qualification from the Ontario College of Teachers or for entrance to a faculty of education
  • Be a fully qualified and certificated teacher
  • Be a statutory or voluntary member in good standing in the Association
  • Submit a statement of acceptability as a full-time student or equivalent status (student enrolled in a full-time post-graduate degree program over an extended period of time) at the university of choice
  • Submit a résumé of the proposed studies
  • Submit the application by April 1
  • Submit a report of accomplishment on completion of the year’s study
  • Agree to serve as a resource person on request with due allowance for travel expenses, for a period of one year for seminars, workshops, etc., conducted by the Association
  • Agree to attend an interview at the Association's expense if so requested by the Awards Committee.

If there are not enough qualified applicants for full-time post-graduate scholarships, the money may be apportioned to applicants registered for part-time post-graduate studies. Part-time applicants must meet the same qualifications as full-time applicants with the exception of having to submit a statement of acceptability as a full-time student or equivalent status.

Priority consideration will be given to those applicants whose leaves have been approved by their employing boards.

If you have any questions about your application, or the application process, please email



Available Scholarships

Rose M. Cassin (1904-1968) Memorial Scholarship

Rose Cassin taught in Fort Frances and Toronto before joining the Associations provincial staff in 1965. An original member of the Toronto Separate School Teachers' Association, she was also provincial treasurer and second vice-president. After her unexpected death three years after joining provincial office, a scholarship was created in her name.

The Reverend J.H. Conway (1911-1994) Memorial Scholarship

Father Conway was one of the first teachers at St. Patrick's College high school in Ottawa in the early 30's. His active involvement with the Association continued throughout his professional life. A tireless advocate of teachers' rights, Father Conway was determined to improve the lot of women teachers. He served as president of the Association, of OTF, and CTF.

Doreen Brady (1935-1982) Memorial Scholarship

Doreen Brady was the first full-time woman president of the Association, from 1978 to 1980. During her years as an elementary teacher, and later principal in Ottawa, she devoted herself to her local unit and to the provincial body, where she was known as "the conscience of the Executive." Doreen also served on the OTF Board of Governors, on the original QECO committee, and later became an OTF Fellow.