Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Professional Development and Leadership Training

Our Association fosters the development of confident, competent professionals, while promoting our members’ personal and spiritual growth.

We provide professional development and training workshops “for teachers, by teachers,” produce a variety of publications, facilitate access to important information, and offer or sponsor conferences and seminars. We also offer scholarships, bursaries, and fellowships to help members to pursue additional post-secondary studies. Members can find more information on professional development opportunities in the For Your Career and For Your Classroom sections. 

The Additional Qualifications (AQ) courses offered by the Association are fully compliant with the Ontario College of Teachers’ regulations, and registration is open to all teachers, not just Catholic teachers. The Association leads the field in the provision of AQ courses in modular format.

Our Leadership Training Program reflects our commitment to succession planning, by providing an opportunity for teacher-advocates and activists to gain skills and experience. Participants receive professional career development that prepares them to provide service to members and leadership at both the local and provincial levels.