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The Critical Thinking Consortium (TC2) 

TC2 is a non-profit association of schools working to infuse critical thinking into the teaching of subject matter from grade school to graduate school. Resources offered on the website include: print publications, video resources, and online collections of teaching resources for embedding critical thinking into day-to-day teaching.

EduGAINS – Ministry Resources for Classroom Teachers, K-12 
EduGAINS is the portal to resources developed and provided through the Ministry of Education, focused on student and teacher learning. There are resources for teachers from K-12. These resources support Mathematics, Literacy, Differentiated Instruction, Assessment and Evaluation, English Language Learners, Financial Literacy, and International Languages (Elementary).
Learning is Messy
Blogger Brian Crosby provides ideas for linking STEAM subjects. He has been a presenter for TEDxDenver and written books on STEAM for teachers. The blog provides elementary school educators with ideas and useful tips for lesson plans.
Madly Learning
A blog by a Canadian Teacher. Recent blog posts include using Google Classroom, saving time on report cards, using an inquiry approach, and teaching science to a split grade.
Ontario Curriculum
Ontario Ministry of Education site containing all current curriculum documents.
Ontario Educational Resource Bank (OERB) 
The OERB offers K-12 resources, created by teachers for teachers, aligned with the Ontario curriculum. Includes units, lesson plans, activities, maps, and interactive learning resources.
Rockin' Teacher Materials
This blog is run by a Grade 2 teacher, and provides a variety of teaching-ready materials for primary grades.
Scholastic sponsors a compilation of vetted bloggers, most of whom are teachers, who provide lesson ideas, classroom strategies, book lists, videos, and reproducibles on topics of importance to educators such as assessment, literacy, numbers, self-regulation, social studies, technology, etc. Blogs can be filtered by date, subject, and key word.
Think Share Teach
Practical ideas for running a classroom with lots of handouts and other materials. 

Welcome to TVO Learn, an effective way to help your child explore learning that aligns with the Ontario curriculum, from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Explore straightforward, engaging and free resources you can trust to support your child’s learning.

Using Outdoor Education to Enhance Literacy and Numeracy (OECTA)

This Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) project provides hands-on, outdoor activities related to literacy and numeracy expectations for Grades 3 and 4. The project was one of several Ministry of Education funded Collaborative Learning Communities and was intended to promote teacher action research with practical applications to the classroom.