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Registration opens September 2 for fall Mini-Courses.

Courses will run November 1st to November 25th, 2022.

What is a Mini-Course?

We are so glad you asked! They are short, one-month, online courses, requiring about 25 hours of time with a manageable workload that you complete on a schedule that works best for your busy life. Each Mini-Course costs only $50.

Offered on a variety of topics, they are led by fully qualified instructors and participants will get a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the course. Improve your quality of life in the classroom and try one!

Spaces are limited and pre-registration for each course is required. There is a two (2) Mini-Course limit per registrant.

Our Mini-Courses

Assessment and Evaluation 101

Course Description

Learn some important strategies and techniques to better understand assessment and evaluation in the classroom. This mini-course will look at the fundamentals of good assessment and evaluation in order to use that practice every day. Straight forward and right at the heart of teaching, this will make your life in the classroom better.

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Classroom Management Strategies 101

Course Description

Life in the classroom is hectic, we get it. This mini-course is designed to give you smart strategies to help resolve some of the biggest barriers to learning. Find out how powerful a plan for discipline can really be. Learn about modern discipline techniques but also how to value student voice while we maintain a safe and caring environment for all learners. This mini-course is designed to improve your quality of life in the classroom with real world strategies that work.

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First Steps to Building Equitable and Inclusive Schools

As educators, it is important to continually reflect on our practices to create equitable and inclusive classrooms and schools for all learners. This Mini-Course will offer both the theoretical frameworks and the practical strategies you need to centre accessibility, inclusion, diversity, and equity in Catholic schools across Ontario. You will grow your knowledge of how to work with students, their families, and fellow education staff to create identity affirming spaces.

This Mini-Course is an entry point to improve facilitation of learning environments that are safe, inclusive, and that create equitable outcomes for learners K-12.

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FSL Survival Guide

Course Description

We know that it is not easy to move from one class to another while providing a unique experience for each group of students. This course has been designed to give you strategies, lesson plans and ideas for teaching French successfully, no matter which room you are in. This Mini-Course is designed to encourage you to speak French throughout. Although assignments and conversations are in French, you will be supported by your instructor and resources or tools as well!

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Supporting Students with Autism

Course Description

Come and discover fundamental strategies and techniques that will help you plan your classroom experience to meet the needs of a student on the Autism spectrum. Share ideas, build plans and plan for results that will serve your students’ needs but also make your life in the classroom manageable.

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Welcoming English Language Learners

Course Description

Join a community of teachers to explore strategies that make your classroom a welcoming environment for English language learners. Our ELL students have an abundance of skills and ideas just waiting to be shared. This Mini-Course will help you unlock your students' potential while developing an appreciation for language and communication.

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Haudenosaunee Teachings, Past and Present

Course Description

This 4-week mini course will be taught by London District Catholic School Board Indigenous Education Cultural Advisor Ray John Jr. who is an Oneida knowledge keeper from Oneida Nation of the Thames near London, Ontario. The course will run two live sessions per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM on a Teams platform. Teachers are encouraged to attend the live sessions, but all sessions will be recorded as well. Other guest Indigenous and non-Indigenous teachers will also occasionally make an appearance to speak throughout the course. Above all else, Ray would love to encourage teachers to bring any and all questions and ideas to the course without fear of saying the wrong thing. Vibrant and fruitful discussion is a key goal of this course.

The course will follow the following timeline:

Week 1: Haudenosaunee life and beliefs before the arrival of European settlers. Lifestyle, clanship, men’s and women’s roles, and spirituality will all be covered.

Week 2: Haudenosaunee language. Teachers will learn some Oneida and what the language teaches about the Haudenosaunee people. Next, we will cover interactions between the Haudenosaunee and other Indigenous groups and Europeans before Confederation. Ray will explain the role of wampum belts at this crucial time in History and explain the time when the Haudenosaunee were a powerful force to be reckoned with by the colonial settlers.

Week 3: events that took place after Confederation up to, but not including the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Difficult topics such as the Indian Act, residential schools, Federal Indian Day Schools, the sixties scoop, and missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls will be covered in this week.

Week 4: the impact of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Ray will also explain some basic nuts and bolts about navigating Indigenous life in the 21st century. He will explain the role of organizations such as federal schools on reserves, the Southwest Secretariat, N’Amerind, and Atlohsa to Haudenosaunee and other Indigenous people.

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