Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Special Education


Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario (LDAO)

The LDAO provides leadership in learning disabilities advocacy, research, education, and services and to advance the full participation of children, youth, and adults with learning disabilities in today’s society. Some sample programs include IEP 101 Online Workshop for Parents and Students, Professionals Workshop Series: Introduction to LDs and ADHD and Partnering with Schools for Student Success.

Ontario Association for Developmental Education (OADE) 
OADE works to improve the education for students with developmental challenges in Ontario. OADE pursues this goal through maintaining direct contact with the Ontario Ministry of Education concerning developmental education hosting an annual conference, and maintaining a website of research and resources.
Raise the Flag 
Autism Ontario’s educational toolkits for educators from primary through to post-secondary school.
Special Needs and Moving On Projects

The Special Needs and Moving On Projects provide resources and support for workers at the post office whose children have disabilities. The projects are available to members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and the Union of Postal Communications Employees (Public Service Alliance of Canada). The Special Needs Project is geared to families with young children; the Moving On Project is for adult sons and daughters with special needs.

Teachers’ Gateway to Special Education 
Developed by OTF, the Teacher’s Gateway to Special Education provides specific strategies and resources to help teachers address the unique needs of students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. This resource includes links to board special education plans, Ministry documents, and other helpful resources. The Gateway also includes definitions of key special education terms, and can be used as a guide for teachers building Individual Education Plans (IEPs).
Guide to the Individual Education Plan (OECTA)

This Individual Education Plan (IEP) guide is produced to reflect OECTA’s mandate to promote Catholic values, to foster the growth of confident, competent professionals, and to assist members to grow professionally. It is our hope that this guide will assist teachers in understanding that the IEP process is more than a documentation exercise and will support teachers to work through the process efficiently while complying with Ministry standards.