Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Curriculum Resources

In this section you will find a variety of publications and links to websites, blogs, curriculum-based organizations, and subject associations with content that can assist you in the planning and delivery of curriculum, as well as with assessment and evaluation.

Resources are broken out as best as possible by subject area, with resources touching on multiple areas included under "cross-curricular," and useful resources that do not pertain to any particular subject area listed under "other."

This section is meant to help guide you in finding relevant teaching materials, by providing a sampling of resources available. The Association does not endorse any non-OECTA resources posted. In choosing to use these resources, teachers must employ their professional judgement. 

Practical Tips For Planning Your Curriculum Delivery

These articles from @OECTA were written by Anthony Carabache, a member of the Professional Development department at the OECTA Provincial Office.