Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Educational Aid Grants Program


The Association provides grants to support projects that aim to improve educational opportunities and assist in the organization and implementation of social justice programs in underdeveloped areas in Canada and throughout the world. 

Grant requests are accepted throughout the year and will be reviewed and assessed by the Educational Aid Committee at meetings scheduled throughout the year.

Submitting Your Application

Grant approval is based on the availability of funding and project criteria and parameters set by the Association. You can submit your application in one of two ways below: you can...

  1. Complete and submit your grant application directly online using the following link: Click Here!
  2. Download and complete the Grant Application [PDF] and submit it by email.

What kinds of projects are funded?

For a project to be considered by the Educational Aid Committee, the requested funding must be used for:

  • The purchase or development of educational materials, such as, but not limited to: new technology, print materials, books, classroom supplies, classroom furniture, and educational manipulatives.
  • The purchase or development of teacher training and curriculum materials.
  • The development/production/purchase of union educational materials, professional materials, and organizational materials.
  • The purchase of basic needs for children, women and families, such as: medical supplies, shelter, clothing, food, and water.
  • The purchase of building and/or construction materials for hospitals, schools, water treatment centers, orphanages, libraries, day care centers, hospices, and/or the infrastructure requirements of a project that supports women's issues, teachers' unions and union activities, the purchase of materials/food/medical supplies, or the purchase of goods/materials that raise the subsistence level of the population.

Grants are not available for salaries, course/tuition fees, scholarships, conference participation fees, travel costs, multicultural festivals, or strictly pastoral/parish support.

Who can apply?

A funding request may be made directly by individuals or a group from a developing country, or through an OECTA member on behalf of an individual or group in a developing country.

However, funding priority is given to requests that come from members or former members, and for projects that aim to make positive contributions to the education of children and women, teacher training, and to the development of schools and communities.

Projects that are grounded in a commitment to social justice and endeavour to improve the lives of marginalized people in society, possess a Catholic/Christian dimension, or are twinned with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) will also be given priority.


If you have questions about the Educational Aid Committee or its grants program, email