Ontario English Catholic Teachers

What We Do

We are a representative organization. Engaging with Catholic teachers, and acting on their behalf, is at the heart of what we do.

Our key areas of support are:

  • Collective bargaining and contract management
  • Member counselling and legal support
  • Lobbying, advocacy, and public relations
  • Professional development and leadership training

The objectives of our Association, as outlined in our Constitution, are to:

  • Promote the principles of Catholic education
  • Develop a greater understanding among parents, teachers, and students
  • Work for the moral, intellectual, religious, and professional growth or our members
  • Improve the status of the teaching profession in Ontario
  • Secure for teachers a leading role in education
  • Co-operate with other teacher organizations in improving the standards of education
  • Defend and promote the constitutional rights of the Catholic school system in Ontario and the fair and equitable funding for all publicly funded school boards
  • Represent members in all matters related to collective bargaining
  • Promote the protection of members under the Ontario Human Rights Code