Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Member Counselling and Legal Support Services

Teaching is one of the most demanding and rewarding professions in our society. But constantly changing education policies, and increasing expectations on teachers, can greatly impact our members’professional and personal lives.

We are committed to protecting and enhancing our members’ health and well-being, by providing counselling and legal support services for a variety of issues they may encounter in their professional and personal lives.


Members may experience professional or job-related difficulties that fall outside the scope of their collective agreement. We provide support to members in a wide range of areas, including: general career counselling; performance appraisals; professional ethics; conflict management; managing stress; and workplace harassment. The Association also provides extensive information to members regarding their pension and retirement planning, and in dealing with short-term sick leave appeals and long-term disability cases.

Members may also encounter problems in their family or private lives, which can affect their professional performance. We help members obtain support for personal issues or crises through their Employee Assistance Program. Staff are also available to provide support and advice to members who are dealing with challenging circumstances. The Association has a program for members in “dire financial distress.”

Legal Support

From time to time, teachers may find themselves in situations in which they require outside legal assistance because of problems incurred in their professional lives. 

The Association’s primary concern is that members be treated according to “due process” and that they benefit from all protections to which they are entitled under the law.

All requests for legal support are considered by the Provincial Executive in accordance with the Association’s Handbook and the Legal Support for Members Policy.

Given the nature of the issues and the potential impact on the members’ employment, all issues are handled with utmost confidentiality and sensitivity.