Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Council of Presidents

The Council of Presidents consists of:

  • All local unit presidents or their designates
  • The elected members of the Provincial Executive
  • The elected Association representatives on the Board of Governors of the Ontario Teachers’ Federation
  • One occasional teacher bargaining unit representative from each of the six provincial bargaining regions (central, east, northwest, southwest, northeast, and Toronto)
  • Chairpersons of the standing committees, networks, work groups, project teams, task forces, and the Institute for Catholic Education representative (who are non-voting members)
  • The General Secretary and Deputy General Secretary (also non-voting members)

The Council of Presidents meets three times per year to advise the Provincial Executive as well as to strike the budget. Other responsibilities include: 

  • Approving the provincial bargaining goals and objectives
  • Assisting the Provincial Executive in administering the affairs of the Association
  • Providing information, direction, and advice to the Provincial Executive on any matter requiring attention before the next Annual General Meeting
  • Approving, disapproving, or changing programs and projects recommended by the Provincial Executive
  • Establishing units, changing unit boundaries, and approving the division or merger of units
  • Conferring life and honorary memberships