Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Your Mental Health Matters

Your mental health and overall feeling of wellness have a profound impact on your ability to function and perform at your best – inside the classroom and out. Many teachers are diligent and proactive about improving their skills and techniques related to their teaching, but just as important is managing your mental and emotional health and wellness.

With the emergence of COVID-19, the level of stress and anxiety that many teachers are feeling has increased exponentially, leaving many at a loss as to how they are to do their jobs while maintaining their mental well-being.

Here you will find a list of resources designed to connect you with information and services that support you and your overall well-being.

Starling Minds Digital Mental Health Program

The Association and the Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan (OTIP) have partnered to provide members with Starling Minds Mental Fitness, a 24/7, confidential digital self-guided program for stress, anxiety, burnout, and depression, available anytime and anywhere.



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