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Teacher Resource Sharing

The following websites and blogs offer opportunities for teachers to share their resources, lesson plans and curriculum materials with other teachers. Post your own materials or download someone else’s.

Note - OECTA does not endorse any materials found on these sites. Use your own professional judgement when evaluating site content and materials.



This site provides opportunities to connect, communicate, and create with teachers and students around the world. Ideas in this blog include design your own flag, poster power, fighting poverty, and school swap.

Ontario Teachers
Blog from Tammy Gaudun where teachers are invited to share experiences and resources. Sample blogs include: TRICK You Kids: Trust, Respect, Independence, Cooperation & Kindness; Anti-Bullying - The Validation Project; What Are Body-Focused Repetative Behaviours?; and Remind! Teacher-Parent-Student Communication Tool. 

This is an online community for Ontario’s teachers, by Ontario’s teachers. Explore curated resources, share your knowledge, and create new projects to support teaching and learning. TeachOntario is sponsored by TVO.