Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Faith & Wellness

The Association, in partnership with School Mental Health Ontario (SMHO), has co-developed Faith and Wellness resources for Catholic Teachers. These resources are rooted in the Catholic Faith and align with Ontario’s Health and Physical Education Curriculum, the Ontario Catholic School Graduation Expectations (OCSGE), Learning Skills, and Kindergarten Frames.

Faith & Wellness: A Daily Mental Health Resource (K-8)

This Kindergarten to Grade 8 resource supports the development of social emotional learning and builds student resiliency, through a repository of high-quality, evidence based, everyday practices that enhance the social-emotional learning skills and well-being of students. Click HERE to read about the experience that teachers have had using this resource with their students. A similar resource for secondary students will be available soon.

Faith & Wellness: WebExperience

WebExperience sessions have been developed to provide support to teachers interested in using the Faith & Wellness: A Daily Mental Health Resource in their classrooms. In the sessions you will learn more about the important role that teachers play in helping students develop the skills necessary to learn about, and care for, their mental health. You will also learn how you can easily implement these free, evidence informed, mental health practices and incorporate them into your daily teaching practice. Click HERE for information about upcoming live sessions or to access recordings of past sessions. Click HERE to access our video resource made in conjunction with School Mental Health Ontario.

SMHO: Mentally Healthy Return to School Toolkit (K-12)

School Mental Health Ontario (SMHO) has produced a toolkit to support the mental health of all students as they return to school. There are specific, practical resources in the Toolkit that are of value to teachers as they prepare for the new school year and beyond. Click HERE to access the materials.

SMHO: MH LIT - Mental Health in Action

School Mental Health Ontario (SMHO) has produced a MH LIT – Mental Health in Action course that provides educators with basic knowledge and information related to mental health, social-emotional learning, strategies to enhance student mental health, and everyday practices for use in the classroom. The free course will help you to:

  • deepen your understanding of student mental health
  • learn practical strategies
  • enhance classroom culture
  • have access to and find additional helpful resources
  • align your work with the Ontario College of Teachers’ advisory related to student mental health
  • align your work with the updated Health and Physical Education curriculum, including the development of social-emotional learning skills.

The course is self-paced and takes about six hours to complete. You’ll receive a certificate of completion at the end. The courses have been developed by School Mental Health Ontario, in collaboration with practicing educators and school mental health professionals.

Click HERE to access the course.

Mental Health & Wellness for Catholic Schools: Emotions, Resiliency, Belonging, & Dignity of the Whole Person

Lessons for Kindergarten, Grades 1, 3, 4, 6, and 8. Created by the Eastern Ontario Catholic Curriculum Corporation. Click HERE to access this resource.