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French as a Second Language

Part 1

This course is designed to develop awareness and understanding of classroom theory and practice in French as a Second Language. As an introductory course, Part 1 provides participants with a strong foundation and understanding of the vision and underlying philosophy related to French as a Second Language. Participants will acquire these basic skills and background knowledge, and be able to apply them as an integrated delivery model in the system in which they will be working – Core French, Extended French, or French Immersion. Teachers will have the opportunity to reflect on their learning, to communicate with other participants, and to apply their learning in practical experiences.

The course is open to all elementary and secondary school teachers who have one of the following basic qualifications: primary, junior, intermediate, or senior division.

The language of instruction for the course is French. Opportunities for professional reading, reflection, communication and expression in the French language are provided. In order to take this course, participants must complete an online test to demonstrate their proficiency in reading, writing and speaking French. The proficiency test consists of viewing a choice of video clips and spontaneously responding, in French, with your point of view.  This is followed by a couple of tasks embedded in the FSL curriculum that you review and respond to.

Note: If a registrant is unsuccessful in the proficiency test, they will be refunded their registration fee, less an assessment administration charge of $50.

Module 1: L’évolution
Module 2: Examinons le curriculum et explorons le CECR
Module 3: Les pratiques pédagogiques
Module 4: Développer une communauté inclusive
Module 5: L’évaluation du rendement

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Part 2

This course extends and reinforces the knowledge and skills from Part 1. The course will be of interest to teachers who wish to deepen their ability to develop FSL programs: Core, Extended and Immersion. Participants will have opportunities to reflect, communicate, and apply their learning through practical experiences.

Participants come with an interest in this particular subject matter. Critical to the delivery of FSL is the ability of participants to demonstrate a proficiency in oral and written communication skills in French to ensure positive and interactive learning experiences for all students. Teachers are skilled at combining their knowledge of human development and learning with their understanding of FSL to facilitate active student engagement.

The course provides teachers with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the vision and underlying philosophy related to FSL. Part 2 requires the successful completion of Part 1 or the equivalent and one year of successful teaching experience in Ontario.

Module 1: Une vision pour l’apprentissage du FLS en Ontario
Module 2: Examinons de près le Curriculum révisé
Module 3: Planifier l’enseignement avec l’évaluation
Module 4: Planifier l’enseignement avec l’évaluation -- Partie II
Module 5: Pistes et portfolios

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French as a Second Language Specialist extends the knowledge and skills from Part 1 and Part 2, with a focus on leadership skills in French as a Second Language education. The course supports the expectations outlined in the Ministry of Education curriculum policy documents, programs and other Ministry of Education policies.

This course is open to all elementary and secondary teachers who have a basic qualification in general studies or technological studies, and who have completed FSL Part 2 and two years of successful teaching experience, one year of which must be in the area of FLS.

Module 1: Notre Contexte
Module 2: Approfondir nos connaissances du curriculum de FLS
Module 3: Les pratiques d’enseignement
Module 4: L’engagement des parents et de la communauté
Module 5: L’évaluation

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