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Special Education Part 1 and Specialist Only

Part 1

Special Education Part 1 provides an introduction and overview of the characteristics of students identified as exceptional and students who require modifications and/or accommodations based on their learning needs. This
course will help teachers develop skills and knowledge in the design, delivery, programming, and assessment of special education. Teachers will gain knowledge of various exceptionalities, Ontario Ministry of Education and
Ontario College of Teachers legislation, curriculum policy documents, and other Ministry of Education policies.

This course is open to all elementary and secondary school teachers who have a basic qualification in general studies or technological studies. This course is a prerequisite for teachers assigned to a special education class, or as a special education resource teacher.

Module 1: Foundations of Special Education in Ontario - Policy and Perspectives
Module 2: Using Assessment to Inform Programming
Module 3: The IEP and IPRC Processes
Module 4: Current Pedagogy
Module 5: Modern Perspectives about Equity

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Special Education Specialist provides participants the ability to extend and apply skills and knowledge in Special Education programs and services. This course will develop leadership skills and knowledge of teachers in the design, delivery, programming, and assessment of special education. This course will support the expectations outlined in the Ministry of Education curriculum policy documents as well as other Ministry of Education policies and support documents.

This course provides participants with an in depth knowledge of the field of special education with a focus on developing leadership and advocacy skills. Participants will explore Ministry directions and issues facing special education in Ontario. Opportunities will be provided for the critical analysis of current programming, legislation, regulations, policies, and ethical issues. This will culminate in a practical leadership experience that will demonstrate the candidate’s interest in and commitment to leadership in special education.

This course is open to all elementary and secondary teachers who have a basic qualification in general studies or technological studies and who have completed Special Education Part 2 and two years of successful teaching experience, including one year in special education.

Module 1: A Call to Leadership
Module 2: Legislation, Policy and Funding
Module 3: Placements, Programs and Services
Module 4: The IEP and IPRC: A Critical Approach
Module 5: Modernizing Special Education

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