Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Co-operative Education Part 1 Only

Part 1

Participating in the Cooperative Education Part 1 course, teachers begin critically exploring and enhancing professional practices, critical pedagogies, knowledge and skills related to cooperative education. Highlights include:

  • exploring the creation of positive, equitable, accepting and safe learning environments in school and out-of-school placements in the community
  • exploring ways to connect student’s authentic experiences and related courses to the Cooperative Education experience
  • critically exploring and planning learning opportunities and programs that support individual educational pathways and goals (for example, Individual Pathways Plan [IPP])
  • critically exploring how students’ lived experiences, development, strengths, inquiries, interests and needs can inform program planning, development and implementation

Module 1: Experiential Learning in the Classroom
Module 2: Overview of Cooperative Education in Ontario
Module 3: Planning and Implementation of the Co-Op Program
Module 4: Assessment and Evaluation in the Co-op Program
Module 5: Supporting Student Learning and Wellbeing in Cooperative Education