Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Joint statement regarding return to class following 2021-22 winter break


TORONTO, ON – Teachers and education workers only learned of the provincial government’s decision to delay school re-opening when it was announced this afternoon.
Nevertheless, as representatives of those on the front lines in schools – that is, those teaching Ontario students and providing the vital services that support their education – our collective message remains the same: schools can be made safe for students and staff, with sufficient investment in the right tools and measures.
We will continue to call for  

  • regular asymptomatic testing in schools
  • robust testing and tracing system
  • prioritizing boosters for all staff in schools
  • smaller class sizes to increase physical distancing
  • improved ventilation
  • masking for all staff and students
  • adequate PPE for all staff
  • a provincial cleaning standard for schools
  • more staffing to carry out the additional work that these measures would entail