Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Statement from OECTA President Liz Stuart on Black History Month

Together, the 45,000 members of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association celebrate Black History Month, and honour the legacy of Black Canadians, including the many challenges faced by Black people in Canada.

As teachers, Black History Month, is an opportunity to reflect and educate ourselves, and our students, on Canada’s history of racism, and its ongoing effect on racialized students, their families, and the communities in which we live.

This is a moment for us to go beyond the history books, and to celebrate the contributions of Black people, while renewing our calls for an equal and just society.

The 2021 theme for Black History Month “The Future is Now,” encourages us to continue this work, to build on the legacy of those who came before us, and recognize the transformative work that Black Canadians and their communities are doing now. As your Association, we reaffirm our ongoing commitment and effort to amplify the diverse voices of our members, both during Black History Month, and always.


Liz Stuart, President of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association.