Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Catholic Teachers Celebrate and Champion Black History Month

“As Catholic teachers, we are honoured to celebrate Black History Month in our classrooms, schools, and beyond. The rich histories, many achievements, and extraordinary cultural contributions of Black people, who have helped to build a more diverse, prosperous, compassionate, and beautiful society, are too often unrecognized.

Black History Month is a time to honour Black communities, to actively listen, to amplify and share in the richness of Black history, and to reflect upon Canada’s history of anti-Black racism.

Catholic teachers are committed to doing everything we can in our schools and communities to confront, challenge, and deconstruct systemic anti-Black racism; to call out injustice; and to recognize how hate and discrimination have caused deep trauma and pain in Black communities.

We must do our part to listen to our Black teachers, educators, and students, and to take action to combat all forms of anti-Black racism in our schools and in society – to ensure that the lessons and importance of Black History Month, and our commitment to racial justice, anti-racism, and anti-oppression, continue to be a part of our work every month, every day – always.”

- René Jansen in de Wal, President of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association