Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Rescinding Anti-worker Legislation Positive Step, But Ford Government Must Negotiate in Good Faith

"Catholic teachers are pleased to learn that, following relentless advocacy by CUPE education workers and our broader communities, the Ford government will rescind Bill 28 in its entirety.

This shameful, anti-worker, anti-democratic legislation forcibly imposes unacceptable working conditions and poverty-level wages on CUPE education workers, and uses the notwithstanding clause to pre-empt and negate any legal challenge. It is an affront to the Charter-protected rights of CUPE education workers, and is an assault on the rights of all workers.

The Ford government’s willingness to rescind this draconian legislation is the direct result of the unflinching solidarity and support of Ontario’s labour movement and allies. It is appalling that the government went to this length in an attempt to trample workers’ rights. But Ontario’s workers would not allow ourselves to be bullied.

While today’s announcement is promising, the Ford government must recognize the error of its ways – they must return to the bargaining table to engage in good faith negotiations, and allow for free and meaningful collective bargaining in an effort to realize fair agreements that support all educators and students."

- Barb Dobrowolski, President of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association