Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Ford Conservative Government’s Last-minute, Underfunded Language Curriculum Change Fails Students

“The Ford Conservative government has continued its baffling and disrespectful tradition of announcing a major curriculum overhaul in late June, leaving teachers without the time, resources, and supports necessary to understand and master the new material, before the start of next school year.

Today’s announcement of a new language curriculum for Grades 1 to 8, and a new de-streamed language curriculum in Grade 9, came with almost no advanced notice or opportunity for review.

Catholic teachers have always supported making regular curriculum updates, and we have voiced our support of destreaming in an effort to eliminate racism, discrimination, and all systemic barriers in our schools. However, what the Ford Conservative government is implementing is underfunded, oversimplified, and rushed – this approach is counterproductive to achieving student success.

It is as disheartening as it is frustrating that Catholic teachers were asked by the government to provide recommendations on curriculum updates – only to have that expertise largely ignored.

The Ford Conservative government can talk all it wants about ‘better student outcomes,’ but the proof is in their actions. And these rushed, last-minute, sweeping changes are woefully underfunded and implemented without proper training and resources. This is not the sign of a serious government that is genuinely committed to effective implementation and improved outcomes for students.”

- Barb Dobrowolski, President of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association