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Catholic Education

Ontario’s first Catholic school opened in 1826, and the constitutional right to Catholic education was entrenched in 1867. Over the past century and a half, publicly funded Catholic schools have made remarkable contributions to the overall excellence of our province’s world-renowned education system.

Today, our Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations, which are integral to our pedagogy, offer a perfect roadmap for teaching the skills and attitudes that the 21st century demands. We are developing students’ character and commitment to the common good, encouraging them to be discerning believers, effective communicators, creative and holistic thinkers, self-directed learners, collaborative contributors, caring family members, and responsible citizens.

Catholic schools reflect their communities and, like Ontario, have diverse student populations. Many non-Catholic parents choose to send their children to Catholic schools because they recognize the system’s academic excellence and holistic values. We deliver all aspects of the Ontario’s modern curriculum while working to create safe, accepting environments for all students.

A recent study by researchers from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education clearly shows the lifelong value that comes from Catholic education. It found that graduates of Catholic schools are highly likely to volunteer, donate and raise money for charity, and vote in elections. Our graduates, who are active in all fields of modern society, say the education they received in Ontario’s publicly funded Catholic schools taught them values of acceptance and empathy, gave them a sense of community, and fostered an awareness and understanding of social justice.

Catholic teachers are proud to celebrate the success of our schools and students, and to join with our colleagues across the province in celebrating the vital role we play in society.

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